Restaurant of the circuit of Castellet, the René'Sens, an address of almost half a century

Don't be mistaken, the restaurant of the Castellet circuit, René'Sens, is a Michelin starred gastronomic restaurant. But it is also an atmosphere, a history, a Provencal culture translated into magnificent and delicious dishes.

Restaurant at the circuit of Le Castellet, go to the Hostellerie Bérard & Spa

This restaurant at the circuit of Le Castellet, it is a table and an atmosphere. The atmosphere of René'Sens is exceptional. Located in the Hostellerie Bérard & Spa, named after the family that has been running the establishment for more than 50 years, the restaurant enjoys a magnificent setting composed of several typically Provencal buildings. The restaurant, in a former convent room, is today an ode to the nature of Provence with its plant decoration. A magnificent glass roof offers a panoramic view of the whole region. The decoration, the view, the hotel setting, the charm of the Cadière d'Azur, all make this restaurant of the Castellet circuit an address where one likes to return. Today, the restaurant has 1 Michelin star, and 1 green star, saluting the sustainable gastronomy approaches undertaken by the chefs.

Restaurant of the Paul Ricard circuit, gastronomic and historical : Le René'Sens

What made the restaurant so popular was the presence in the 60s and 70s of all the great racing champions who, after laps on the track, came to enjoy this restaurant of the circuit of Castellet. There are always regular races and international events in the one called the circuit Paul Ricard. From the circuit, it is easy to reach La Cadière d'Azur, a town near Le Castellet. Sanary sur Mer or St Laurent du Var are also beautiful destinations and the opportunity to discover Provence in only a few kilometers by car. But in the end, you will always come back to this restaurant on the circuit of Le Castellet. Its Mediterranean cuisine, from local production, the fish, the know-how of a chef renowned throughout the region, all invite you to enjoy this exceptional cuisine. The Hostellerie Bérard & Spa guests will be in a privileged position to take advantage of the establishment's assets such as the outdoor swimming pool, the pool house, the pool house and the pool house.And guests of the Hostellerie Bérard & Spa will be in a privileged position to take advantage of the establishment's assets, such as the outdoor swimming pool, the innovative spa or simply the elegant rooms with their magnificent view of the Provencal hinterland.

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