Well-being hotel in Provence, discover Maison Bérard in La Cadière d'Azur

When you stay in the PACA region, you want to come out refreshed, regenerated by the sun, the generous gastronomy and the unique atmosphere of Provence. But this requires a wellness hotel in Provence, such as Maison Bérard, specially designed to offer you a unique experience.

Wellness Weekend in Provence, Maison Bérard a recognized address

Maison Bérard has been renowned for many years. With this typical Provencal house, in a stone village nestled at the top of a hill, you would almost think you were in a postcard. This wellness hotel in Provence is hidden in the narrow streets of the village. For that, he bet on the atmosphere of the place. The old stones everywhere apparent, the furniture mottled and typical of the region, the view on the surrounding nature in La Cadière d'Azur, here is a wonderful setting. 10 minutes by car, and you are already in St Cyr sur Mer and at the beach, 25 minutes and you are in the center of the animations of a big city like Toulon. It is this exceptional setting that helps you to live your well-being weekend in PACA.

Wellness stay in Provence, from the table to the spa, a hedonistic itinerary with Maison Bérard

What does a well-being hotel in Provence need to offer you an unforgettable stay? First of all, a gourmet and gastronomic table  is undoubtedly one of these tables. Quality cuisine, seasonal and local products, worked with the talent of a chef recognized in the south of France, these are the assets of this table. The service in a magnificent glass room with a panoramic view contributes even more to the pleasure of the place. The cooking workshops and oenology courses will be exciting discoveries for you, and the opportunity to forget everything else, carried only by the sensations and the pleasure of discovery. Finally, this Spa hotel in Provence seduces by its equipment. Several times awarded at the national level, the spa of Maison Bérard is a unique place, mixing the classic sauna and hammam with more unusual experiences like the ice fountain or the sensory shower. All of this takes place in the magnificent setting of the spa. You will finish by enjoying the outdoor pool, another place of pleasure and relaxation.

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